Are you seeing the signs?

Last week was my birthday. I was away on vacation with my family. I often feel a little sad that my parents are no longer here around my birthday. The week after my father died in 2006 we listened to Elton John’s Greatest Hits on repeat for a week straight. One of the songs that touched both my mother and I the most was Can You Feel the Love Tonight. Sunday night I was at dinner in the resort we were staying at in Maine having dinner with my son and godson. In the dining room where we were, there was a man walking around with a saxophone singing…my Elton John ..GRIEF TRIGGERING song…The Woods Grieving Anthem! I cannot listen to it without crying especially now that I have also lost my mom. I started to cry and tried to hide it from my son and godson. My son saw my tears and said let it out Mommy, it’s okay I know you miss your parents. I was telling him earlier in the day that sometimes on happy days we can still get sad too because it makes us think of the people we love who are no longer here. I cried and moved on.

On our return trip home we stopped at a famous diner in Maine to have lunch. I got a strawberry shortcake and I was thinking about my mother again and how much she would love it because it was a REAL biscuit just like she used to make. I was also looking at menu items and thinking what my father would like. I felt sadness again just thinking of them. I mentioned to my husband and son that my mother would love the strawberry shortcake because it was how she made it and liked it best. My son and I walked out the front door of the diner to get in the car. I noticed the front license plate of a vehicle parked right in front of the door to the diner. I recognized the logo immediately…it said SPANISH LAKES……….guess who else had the same license plate on the front of their vehicle?  YUP..MY PARENTS!!  Spanish Lakes is the retirement community where my parents lived in FLORIDA….WOW!  I was stunned. I could not believe it. My husband came out of the restaurant and I showed him the license plate. He was pretty amazed! My husband took a picture! The license plate on the back was a FLORIDA plate.  This is how I live my life. I see signs all around. I trust and believe that we have a team supporting us from the other side. I know in my heart we are never alone.

Learning this shifted my life and helped me find peace in how this life works. If you would like to become more connected to your spiritual self and realize your life is conspiring in your favor then please join me for my Intuition Class. You can learn more and sign up here. 

Morning Minutes

Starting the day in silence..I know it may not be easy.  I found it difficult at first too. But, once I noticed the difference in my day after beginning my daily centering routine, I made it a practice I cannot give up. Even if it happens while you are still in your bed..just taking a few minutes to BREATHE into your lungs, feel yourself living in your body and becoming one connected mind, body and spirit. You will begin to notice a difference in your days. Connecting to your soul and spiritual self is a great way to start each day. Once you have that grounding connection it helps you to stay the course in light of any curve balls hitting you. 

Example of one of my clients..She now uses this routine regularly where she sits in a brief meditation each morning before she exits her car to get on the train.  She said that her train rides have been more focused as she no longer is distracted by the outside noise around her while she is riding the train. She is able to read with focus, she doesn’t let anyone else bother her like she used to. She said she used to mentally pick people apart in her mind.  She was constantly rushed and distracted and her train rides although convenient were annoying.  

Now, she said just by sitting in silence , breathing and connecting to herself each day, she realized the greater connection to others. She said her focus shifted from let me get there is enough for all of us. I love this life changing story. It may not seem like much, but our life is meant to be enjoyed each minute. A daily train ride should be part of that enjoyment.. 

Another client  told me that she has a 45 minute commute into work so she has begun to use this commute time as her commune time.  She started communing with herself..listening to soothing meditation music and clearing her mind on her ride in. She said she will also listen to positive and uplifting CD’s that get her feeling great.  

The way you begin your day can truly change your whole outlook.  Today I encourage you to start taking a few minutes each morning to breathe in silence  and imagine your perfect day ahead of you.  Let go of your to do list, let go of your what ifs and just be there with your breath connecting to all that you are. If you have not tried it yet, I encourage you to check out my FREE 5 day Spiritual bootcamp to help you easily connect just minutes a day. Soon in September I  will be releasing my 4 week online class which will include 4 weekly coaching sessions with me.



Meeting Noah..The Power of Manifesting!

Noah brought back my FAITH!

I have been RE-reading a lot of my LAW OF ATTRACTION books. I found a bin full of my books and they were all in there. One that I love and it is so easy to read is “A HAPPY POCKET FULL OF MONEY” by David Cameron Gikandi …

One of the exercises in this book has you write down all of the things you would like to experience in this lifetime.  One of the things on my list was swimming with Dolphins..

Fast forward to our family vacation in the Bahamas,my husband booked it all, I had no idea. One week  later there I was with my 2 Beloveds..swimming with a majestic Dolphin named Noah.  Seeing him brought me to tears and it made me realize the magic of this life, how easy it is to live our dreams once we learn to harness this magic and work the simple steps.  This is what I will talk to you about on my FREE telecall.  There is one BIG thing I had been doing wrong the last few years since I have not been studying the LAW OF ATTRACTION as I used to…..

I want to share this with you so you can begin 

You have the power within you to live the life you dream about!!!

Goodbye Blue Bikini!

GOODBYE BLUE BIKINI..Don’t let the door hit you!

I am getting ready for our family vacation and I was looking for my bathing suits.

I came across the BLUE BIKINI…..You know the one..The one you leave hung up in your room for INSPIRATION and WILLPOWER…

You know when you can fit into that your life will be complete and you will feel wonderful about yourself in every way. The heavens will part, You will be asked to be on various television shows and write columns for magazines.

Not to mention men from all over the world will be beating down your door (even if you’re married) Tom Brady could leave his Supermodel wife for you!! ☺ bahahah

The day came after a year of running 30 miles a week and doing 2 very intense weight workouts, eating ONLY VERY LOW CARB foods…….and I did it…I fit into the BLUE BIKINI….

I wore it while on a romantic getaway with my husband…..I still felt fat, so I wrapped a full body towel around myself for the day. I didn’t go in the water, I didn’t walk the beach. I sat under the umbrella. My husband fell asleep and I needed a bottle opener for my wine, if there was ever an important moment to get up…IT was NOW! …In that moment, I sprinted in my blue bikini up to the house without the towel on. We were at a beautiful Inn on the beach god forbid if a guest saw me. I sprinted like a true Olympian, grabbed the bottle opener and made it back to my towel and chair in less than 90 seconds.

All the promises that the BLUE BIKINI held for me, did not deliver.  Nothing magically changed, I didn’t feel one bit different ..I felt worse! Because what I thought was the solution to my problem was not. The Blue Bikini didn’t do it! So, what was next?

Next up, getting real with myself...looking for the answers within. I have learned time and time again NOTHING can ever be resolved on the outside.  The work needs to be done within.

I know how far I have come on this journey when I see the Blue Bikini and it does not make me feel badly that I can no longer fit into it. It makes me feel happy that I don’t care!! That I see the dysfunction in my previous thoughts and what it all meant to me…

If you have a BLUE BIKINI join me in a celebration of you…..

Good bye Blue Bikini~ Don’t let the door hit you!

*** Stay tuned for my 6 week teleseminar on HOW TO LOVE YOUR BODY AND YOUR LIFE NOW!

The Highlight REAL

I run into people all the time who say to me.."Wow, You are so POSITIVE on Facebook." Ummm, I must be honest and say...I find that comment highly annoying. (Just incase I run into you..You will know not to say it!)

Ah,yes..I am..What do you prefer? Would you prefer to see my everyday struggles? Will that somehow make you feel better ?

Is it too much for people  to see everyone’s HIGHLIGHT REEL weekly? Maybe it is..

People start to compare and contrast, I am not going to lie..I have done it too. Mostly around the starting of my new business..I see other people writing up stories of $580,000 launches and I get so discouraged I think why bother? I don’t even have a new client. It takes a lot of inner dialogue and re-direction to get over those moments.

But, NO ONE..tells you the truth of their lives on Facebook.  It’s just not the way it is.  If they do everyone thinks they are negative and hides the- Facebook is a way to share with friends all the great glory and none for the TRUE gory…

I am issuing this challenge to all of you this week..Join me in the TRUE HIGHLIGHT REAL  CHALLENGE.  I challenge you to post a pic and a not so glorious moment daily.  Show the cringe moments, the ones that make you real and human, share your struggles and see how many comment and share the same. See if this changes the engagement on your page!

Join me at my Biz page this week as I share my own TRUE HIGHLIGHT REAL..What goes on in a week…I’d love to have you join me in this…

REAL is fun too!!


The Truth is It’s NOT About the Weight

I know the struggle….It’s taken up 25 years of my life. Mental and EMOTIONAL energy wasted on..

-Never Feeling like enough
-Not being comfortable in my body
-Never feeling at peace with food
-Comparing myself to others and coming up short
-Not allowing myself to do what I really want

AND, of course we cannot forget the DIETS……THE MAGICAL DIETS THAT Were going to make it all better!!!!

Points, NO CARBS, Food Combining, FASTING, CLEANSING, Fit Bit, My Fitnesspal, 6 days on one day off, healthy eating…better yet..CLEAN EATING!  You get the idea..You’ve done it all too.

Each time I resolved that this would be the one that changed all of the above..The magic pill to happy and free…Then there was the magic moment…The moment I finally white knuckled it just long enough to get in to my desired size……WHAT A DREAM COME TRUE! Now the magic was here, I was finally going to  feel good about myself, confident, comfortable in my skin, at peace with food, free to wear a bikini.

NOT….I was scared to death of gaining weight, I was running 25-30 miles a week and doing other things on off days, I was DEATHLY AFRAID OF FRUITS AND ANY OTHER CARBS, I was NOT happy in my magical size, I wanted to go down one more. I wore that bikini to the beach with my husband...BUT, unfortunately wrapped myself up in a full body towel all day because I still FELT FAT!!!!!  

My Sweet friends, it is NOT ABOUT THE WEIGHT..It is so much more..I have worked with this for soo long..I FINALLY GET IT!! It’s a shift in mindset, It’s making peace with food and your body, it’s ending the power struggle. It’s feeling good in your BODY, MIND AND’s loving others and letting them love you.  It’s showing up today and living your BEST LIFE right now..Not 5, 10, 20, 30 50 or 150 pounds from now..It’s about honoring and caring for yourself and your body today.

Join me in creating your own personal REVOLUTION. Join me in waving the White Flags, to DIETS, BODY HATRED, BODY ENVY and returning to YOU! Where there is PEACE and FREEDOM! Confidence and acceptance…I promise you, after 10 weeks Your LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!!Don’t waste another precious day !

Screenshot (162).png

Stay tuned for dates and details…….  This is a picture of ME..This  morning at my Bootcamp. In the past this picture would have severely triggered me to feel horrible, NOT ENOUGH, DEFECTIVE and I would start a restrictive diet in minutes!!!! This morning I saw this and thought..Oh, there I am..ALL DONE! I Love and accept this body exactly as it is today..It has taken me years to learn the information and mindset I am going to share with you, so that you too, can LOVE, ACCEPT  and honor yourself and your BODY today!!!

You can write your own script.

I struggle. I struggle to get my head in the right place most days. Today is Saturday, and it could be the ridiculous amount of snow we have had in New England this year, but I have been waking up very uninspired and unmotivated. I don’t feel like I am making progress in any way and I am, I guess what I would diagnose as mildly depressed. I have been eating and drinking much more than usual. For the last 15 years I have gone to Florida during this week to visit my parents. This is the first year I didn’t go, as I lost my mom in July. My brother is still there and I could have gone to see him, but I just couldn’t; in the back of my mind somewhere I think I believed my mom was still waiting for me. Although I was right there with her when she crossed, a part of me believed she was still in Florida. Because I only saw her twice a year, I feel I never fully processed her loss. Just last week I received her ashes in the mail from my brother. No explanation, no warning, just a nondescript box that arrived with my mother in it. That forced me to recognize part of what I had been avoiding. Then the week I usually visit came and I think it just threw me over the edge. I’m a believer in feeling feelings, recognizing what is going on within, expressing, feeling and moving forward. But I don’t think I truly recognized this when it came to my mother’s passing because I tried to gloss it over with other issues. Those issues are so much lighter than facing my grief and sadness…. I have been upset all week about other issues. Only today do I realize what is truly happening within me. It took a lot of meditation and self-reflection to get here, today. I finally let myself feel my feelings of grief and sadness, a deep sadness that my mother is not here anymore. She is not waiting for me in Florida. We won’t have dinners, bingo and wine-time chats. I won’t be holding angel card nights for her golden girls. I cannot call her every day. She won’t be giving me her hourly updated weather reports. It hurts and it sucks, but I am feeling it. I cry, and cry some more. My son asks me why I am crying, and I tell him it’s because I am sad that Nana is gone. He says, “But Mommy, you know she is always in your heart, right?” Yes, of course she is, my dear… I know, I get that, I understand, but it’s the thought of not seeing her again that hurts right now. “But Mommy, you can see her in your dreams.” Yes, my wise boy, I can. So I cried, cried some more and then I got up to move through my day feeling lighter, brighter, and closer to my true self than I have in a few weeks.

I believe that life is meant to be enjoyed. We are here for learning, growth, joy, love, understanding compassion…and FUN! I have experienced all of these many times and I like the journey of life. I see it as a movie that I am starring in. If at any moment I do not like the script, I begin to rewrite it. I change my inner thoughts and feelings so that my movie reflects the life I want to be living. This takes work – a lot of conscious work and awareness! But, because I have seen the other side and lived it, I know how amazing it can be. I continue to get up every day and find a better way… to see how I can help myself shift into a better perspective, and how I can feel my feelings and not drown them out with a bottle of wine! We are all given a life and we decide what to make of it. I want mine to be the BEST it can be. I want to enjoy this journey, and when I am not enjoying it, I want to find out how I can. Like anything that is worth it, it takes work. I have learned so many tips, tricks and techniques over the years that have helped me to learn how to shift, that I want to share these with you. I want to share it with anyone who wants to live a different way or see that they can enjoy this life’s journey with ease, grace and living in the flow. It is possible… I have helped myself, and I know I can help you. We all deserve to live our BEST lives… Make your life movie a box office hit!