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Joanne Woods Young, M.Ed
you have all the answers you will ever need

a note from joanne

How many of you feel like you are living life just getting by…things just happen to you… you have no luck….not really happy or open to your true purpose and calling. You never feel like you have enough or all that you need and want.

Having an “attitude of gratitude” can change your life forever. You can learn how to make gratitude work for you to create the kind of life you want, living in joy and abundance! Read more about my workshops and how they inspire!


angel communications 

"I have come to know that we are the creators of our own reality.

I have come to see this as truth for myself. I spent years endlessly searching for something outside of myself to show me the way to Peace and Freedom. It wasn't until I learned to go within that I was able to find peace...

Through my own experiences I feel that I have clearly seen that my purpose is to guide others down the path of re-connecting to all that you are...mind, body and spirit."



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        I can help you go within to answer
      your life questions. During this
    process, you will find your heart
  and soul healed—not by me, but
  by you!
  As a clairsentient, my purpose is
to lead you down the path to
healing yourself. Let me assist
you to become the best you that
YOU can possibly be!
I am a licensed and certified
counselor with a Masters Degree
in counseling & psychology. I
use my counseling skills to assist
in my healing practice. I am also a
Reiki Master Teacher and certified
Angel Messenger.
signed, joanne
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