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Intuitive Counselor

JoAnne is a licensed and certified counselor with a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology. She uses her counseling skills to assist in her healing practice.

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Over the last 20 years JoAnne has inspired crowds of all ages. She enjoys helping others achieve their dreams while preventing stress and burnout.


Empowerment Coach

JoAnne has a private practice in Easton, MA where she works with students and adults on stress management as well as teaching Yoga and Meditation to kids.

I met JoAnne at an Angel Fair event. There was a lot of great energy in the room and I instantly felt comfortable with JoAnne. She has an easy relaxed energy.
I have had several Reiki healing sessions with JoAnne and she helped me to see some things from my past that I was still carrying around. I’ve done a couple of workshops with JoAnne and I’ve found that she is easy to connect with and working with her in a group session is very uplifting. I highly recommend JoAnne. She is easy to be around and very down to earth!
— Paula DeFranco

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