Goodbye Blue Bikini!

GOODBYE BLUE BIKINI..Don’t let the door hit you!

I am getting ready for our family vacation and I was looking for my bathing suits.

I came across the BLUE BIKINI…..You know the one..The one you leave hung up in your room for INSPIRATION and WILLPOWER…

You know when you can fit into that your life will be complete and you will feel wonderful about yourself in every way. The heavens will part, You will be asked to be on various television shows and write columns for magazines.

Not to mention men from all over the world will be beating down your door (even if you’re married) Tom Brady could leave his Supermodel wife for you!! ☺ bahahah

The day came after a year of running 30 miles a week and doing 2 very intense weight workouts, eating ONLY VERY LOW CARB foods…….and I did it…I fit into the BLUE BIKINI….

I wore it while on a romantic getaway with my husband…..I still felt fat, so I wrapped a full body towel around myself for the day. I didn’t go in the water, I didn’t walk the beach. I sat under the umbrella. My husband fell asleep and I needed a bottle opener for my wine, if there was ever an important moment to get up…IT was NOW! …In that moment, I sprinted in my blue bikini up to the house without the towel on. We were at a beautiful Inn on the beach god forbid if a guest saw me. I sprinted like a true Olympian, grabbed the bottle opener and made it back to my towel and chair in less than 90 seconds.

All the promises that the BLUE BIKINI held for me, did not deliver.  Nothing magically changed, I didn’t feel one bit different ..I felt worse! Because what I thought was the solution to my problem was not. The Blue Bikini didn’t do it! So, what was next?

Next up, getting real with myself...looking for the answers within. I have learned time and time again NOTHING can ever be resolved on the outside.  The work needs to be done within.

I know how far I have come on this journey when I see the Blue Bikini and it does not make me feel badly that I can no longer fit into it. It makes me feel happy that I don’t care!! That I see the dysfunction in my previous thoughts and what it all meant to me…

If you have a BLUE BIKINI join me in a celebration of you…..

Good bye Blue Bikini~ Don’t let the door hit you!

*** Stay tuned for my 6 week teleseminar on HOW TO LOVE YOUR BODY AND YOUR LIFE NOW!

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