The Highlight REAL

I run into people all the time who say to me.."Wow, You are so POSITIVE on Facebook." Ummm, I must be honest and say...I find that comment highly annoying. (Just incase I run into you..You will know not to say it!)

Ah,yes..I am..What do you prefer? Would you prefer to see my everyday struggles? Will that somehow make you feel better ?

Is it too much for people  to see everyone’s HIGHLIGHT REEL weekly? Maybe it is..

People start to compare and contrast, I am not going to lie..I have done it too. Mostly around the starting of my new business..I see other people writing up stories of $580,000 launches and I get so discouraged I think why bother? I don’t even have a new client. It takes a lot of inner dialogue and re-direction to get over those moments.

But, NO ONE..tells you the truth of their lives on Facebook.  It’s just not the way it is.  If they do everyone thinks they are negative and hides the- Facebook is a way to share with friends all the great glory and none for the TRUE gory…

I am issuing this challenge to all of you this week..Join me in the TRUE HIGHLIGHT REAL  CHALLENGE.  I challenge you to post a pic and a not so glorious moment daily.  Show the cringe moments, the ones that make you real and human, share your struggles and see how many comment and share the same. See if this changes the engagement on your page!

Join me at my Biz page this week as I share my own TRUE HIGHLIGHT REAL..What goes on in a week…I’d love to have you join me in this…

REAL is fun too!!


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