What do you Believe?

Here we are at another New Year! 

This was my New Year's Eve Facebook post. 

Are you Ready to make that change and live the life of your dreams? It’s not about the struggle, a big major change..or overhauling your entire life in one day…To me this year it’s about looking at BELIEFS…The beliefs that keep us small and keep us stuck. That is the difference between people who live their dreams and people who do not.  

We can only get what we believe ..If we believe we can do what we want to do an get paid for it..Then guess what? We will.

If we believe that the Universe will conspire with us to make our dreams a reality then guess what..IT WILL!

Think for a minute about all the negative beliefs you have held and how easily those come true..I have to stay at my job, I can only make this much money, I can’t lose weight, I don’t know what to do.. You get the idea.

Let’s work together at Busting the beliefs that keep you living a life less than you desire..I know, I believe and I can see you living your BEST life..NOW! 


Take a look at all areas of your life and write them down







(Anything else you may want to add)…

What are your beliefs about these areas of your life? Write down beliefs you have under each one and see where you may have negative beliefs you do not even realize or positive beliefs that are just natural to you and work. Bringing awareness to some of our CORE beliefs is key in busting out of them……AWARENESS is step one…

 Stay tuned for STEP 2!

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