The words we use to describe ourselves and our circumstances have a lot of power…

How many times have you heard people say ”I am broke” or “I can’t afford it”…..As a child, I always remember my Father saying “We can’t afford it”  So, I consciously made an effort to NEVER EVER EVER say those words. Even if I can’t afford something, I will never say those words out loud. Try to avoid any negative talk about lack and scarcity mentality. Don’t buy into the hype with others about the economy, etc. We always create our own reality no matter what everyone else perceives!

Whatever you focus your attention on..GROWS. SO, focus your attention on the ABUNDANCE of your life. STOP, and take an inventory of all that you have to be grateful for!  You may be surprised at what you realize!!!

Yesterday ,I was driving home from an appointment. I was hungry and wanted to eat lunch. I thought about what I wanted to eat, and where I could get that food. Then, I stopped at a restaurant and ate a nice lunch. It was AWESOME..While I was eating I started to realize how incredibly fortunate I am…I can do this everyday…I have food at my disposal and the money to pay for it!!!!!!!!! That is HUGE!!!!!!  Something I never gave a 2nd thought to any other day. Now, that I am noticing all the Amazing Abundance that surrounds me. It seems to be Expanding at a rapid rate. The same can happen for you.


Today write down 10 things in your life that you are truly grateful for!! Take the time to truly feel thanks and gratitude for each one…….See what shifts in your experience, see if you notice more and more of the abundance that surrounds you!!!!!!!

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