Bad Body Fever

It’s that time of year when people start diets, cleanses, fasts, join gyms etc. all in an effort to look good for Summer when we expose most of our bodies in less clothing. Don’t buy in to the hype here..It’s all hype.  It never lasts and it causes stress and resistance.

It all begins with the dreaded Bad Body Fever

You cannot let it run your day, your week your month or  YOUR LIFE…

You know what I mean….The never feeling like your body is enough, shaming and blaming your body business that takes up a lot of our mental space and energy.

Negative self talk related to your body..IE:  My thighs are huge, my stomach is gross, I look awful in this outfit, I’m too tall, too short, my skin, my hair. and many other endless barrages against the beloved vessel that carries our souls. When we talk like this to ourselves it makes us feel bad and when we feel bad we often like to soothe ourselves with food..perpetuating the never ending cycle….

One of the BEST things I have found to get past this Bad Body Fever is to get the BODY IN MOTION…Move, this will immediately help shift your physiology, which can shift your energy, mood and thinking. I suggest you come up with your own personal POWER POSE against this kind of talk..When you feel yourself getting into a negative spiral in your thoughts around your body..STAND UP- get into a pose that makes you feel POWERFUL AND STRONG.  Do this every time you start to feel yourself going down that rabbit hole. Stop, shift and get back to loving all of you exactly as you are...  Also, negating the thoughts..Is this really true? Who says it’s true? Do I know for sure it’s true? We can get ourselves on a very unproductive loop of believing these thoughts that are simply false!   

I know you can end this cycle..If I can do it, you can too.  I have created a 6 week teleseminar that will address this issue head on and give you tried and true step by step strategies to overcome it..Allowing yourself to feel peaceful and free in your own body no matter what size or shape it is… YOU DESERVE to feel peaceful and free in your body..This is your LIFE NOW! Today!! Live it now don’t wait to be a certain size or weight to be joyful and free you can have it all TODAY!!!

Much love,


JoAnne YoungComment