Are you seeing the signs?

Last week was my birthday. I was away on vacation with my family. I often feel a little sad that my parents are no longer here around my birthday. The week after my father died in 2006 we listened to Elton John’s Greatest Hits on repeat for a week straight. One of the songs that touched both my mother and I the most was Can You Feel the Love Tonight. Sunday night I was at dinner in the resort we were staying at in Maine having dinner with my son and godson. In the dining room where we were, there was a man walking around with a saxophone singing…my Elton John ..GRIEF TRIGGERING song…The Woods Grieving Anthem! I cannot listen to it without crying especially now that I have also lost my mom. I started to cry and tried to hide it from my son and godson. My son saw my tears and said let it out Mommy, it’s okay I know you miss your parents. I was telling him earlier in the day that sometimes on happy days we can still get sad too because it makes us think of the people we love who are no longer here. I cried and moved on.

On our return trip home we stopped at a famous diner in Maine to have lunch. I got a strawberry shortcake and I was thinking about my mother again and how much she would love it because it was a REAL biscuit just like she used to make. I was also looking at menu items and thinking what my father would like. I felt sadness again just thinking of them. I mentioned to my husband and son that my mother would love the strawberry shortcake because it was how she made it and liked it best. My son and I walked out the front door of the diner to get in the car. I noticed the front license plate of a vehicle parked right in front of the door to the diner. I recognized the logo immediately…it said SPANISH LAKES……….guess who else had the same license plate on the front of their vehicle?  YUP..MY PARENTS!!  Spanish Lakes is the retirement community where my parents lived in FLORIDA….WOW!  I was stunned. I could not believe it. My husband came out of the restaurant and I showed him the license plate. He was pretty amazed! My husband took a picture! The license plate on the back was a FLORIDA plate.  This is how I live my life. I see signs all around. I trust and believe that we have a team supporting us from the other side. I know in my heart we are never alone.

Learning this shifted my life and helped me find peace in how this life works. If you would like to become more connected to your spiritual self and realize your life is conspiring in your favor then please join me for my Intuition Class. You can learn more and sign up here. 

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