The Truth is It’s NOT About the Weight

I know the struggle….It’s taken up 25 years of my life. Mental and EMOTIONAL energy wasted on..

-Never Feeling like enough
-Not being comfortable in my body
-Never feeling at peace with food
-Comparing myself to others and coming up short
-Not allowing myself to do what I really want

AND, of course we cannot forget the DIETS……THE MAGICAL DIETS THAT Were going to make it all better!!!!

Points, NO CARBS, Food Combining, FASTING, CLEANSING, Fit Bit, My Fitnesspal, 6 days on one day off, healthy eating…better yet..CLEAN EATING!  You get the idea..You’ve done it all too.

Each time I resolved that this would be the one that changed all of the above..The magic pill to happy and free…Then there was the magic moment…The moment I finally white knuckled it just long enough to get in to my desired size……WHAT A DREAM COME TRUE! Now the magic was here, I was finally going to  feel good about myself, confident, comfortable in my skin, at peace with food, free to wear a bikini.

NOT….I was scared to death of gaining weight, I was running 25-30 miles a week and doing other things on off days, I was DEATHLY AFRAID OF FRUITS AND ANY OTHER CARBS, I was NOT happy in my magical size, I wanted to go down one more. I wore that bikini to the beach with my husband...BUT, unfortunately wrapped myself up in a full body towel all day because I still FELT FAT!!!!!  

My Sweet friends, it is NOT ABOUT THE WEIGHT..It is so much more..I have worked with this for soo long..I FINALLY GET IT!! It’s a shift in mindset, It’s making peace with food and your body, it’s ending the power struggle. It’s feeling good in your BODY, MIND AND’s loving others and letting them love you.  It’s showing up today and living your BEST LIFE right now..Not 5, 10, 20, 30 50 or 150 pounds from now..It’s about honoring and caring for yourself and your body today.

Join me in creating your own personal REVOLUTION. Join me in waving the White Flags, to DIETS, BODY HATRED, BODY ENVY and returning to YOU! Where there is PEACE and FREEDOM! Confidence and acceptance…I promise you, after 10 weeks Your LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!!Don’t waste another precious day !

Screenshot (162).png

Stay tuned for dates and details…….  This is a picture of ME..This  morning at my Bootcamp. In the past this picture would have severely triggered me to feel horrible, NOT ENOUGH, DEFECTIVE and I would start a restrictive diet in minutes!!!! This morning I saw this and thought..Oh, there I am..ALL DONE! I Love and accept this body exactly as it is today..It has taken me years to learn the information and mindset I am going to share with you, so that you too, can LOVE, ACCEPT  and honor yourself and your BODY today!!!

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