Morning Minutes

Starting the day in silence..I know it may not be easy.  I found it difficult at first too. But, once I noticed the difference in my day after beginning my daily centering routine, I made it a practice I cannot give up. Even if it happens while you are still in your bed..just taking a few minutes to BREATHE into your lungs, feel yourself living in your body and becoming one connected mind, body and spirit. You will begin to notice a difference in your days. Connecting to your soul and spiritual self is a great way to start each day. Once you have that grounding connection it helps you to stay the course in light of any curve balls hitting you. 

Example of one of my clients..She now uses this routine regularly where she sits in a brief meditation each morning before she exits her car to get on the train.  She said that her train rides have been more focused as she no longer is distracted by the outside noise around her while she is riding the train. She is able to read with focus, she doesn’t let anyone else bother her like she used to. She said she used to mentally pick people apart in her mind.  She was constantly rushed and distracted and her train rides although convenient were annoying.  

Now, she said just by sitting in silence , breathing and connecting to herself each day, she realized the greater connection to others. She said her focus shifted from let me get there is enough for all of us. I love this life changing story. It may not seem like much, but our life is meant to be enjoyed each minute. A daily train ride should be part of that enjoyment.. 

Another client  told me that she has a 45 minute commute into work so she has begun to use this commute time as her commune time.  She started communing with herself..listening to soothing meditation music and clearing her mind on her ride in. She said she will also listen to positive and uplifting CD’s that get her feeling great.  

The way you begin your day can truly change your whole outlook.  Today I encourage you to start taking a few minutes each morning to breathe in silence  and imagine your perfect day ahead of you.  Let go of your to do list, let go of your what ifs and just be there with your breath connecting to all that you are. If you have not tried it yet, I encourage you to check out my FREE 5 day Spiritual bootcamp to help you easily connect just minutes a day. Soon in September I  will be releasing my 4 week online class which will include 4 weekly coaching sessions with me.



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