Q. I’ve never worked with Intuitive Counselor before...how do I know if this is the right fit for me?


A.  If you feel drawn to me by my website I think you will know if I am the right person for you. If you have tried other kinds of counseling and it never really helped. If you are done searching on the outside for something to make you feel better and ready to go within. If you want to feel more spiritually connected. If you are ready to take responsibility for yourself and your life and you want some guidance on how to do that.

Q. How do your sessions work?


A. First, you will fill out a questionnaire so I understand what you need assistance with. While I am reviewing your paper work I will already start to tune into your energy and pickup information Next we will meet via skpe ..Because the sessions are Intuitive and organic they are different each time and for each person. But, you can expect that we will talk about what is going on with you,  You will feel validated, supported and empowered. I will give you messages and help you tap into your own guidance. Next, we will do a meditation which will work immediately to shift things and then I will leave you with an assignment to continue the process. Homework! 

Q. What does “Intuitive” actually mean?


A. Intuitive means that I am able to sense your energy in many ways to get information for you to help you heal, move forward and progress in your life.. I have the innate gift of being able to see others in their TRUE perfection..Not, the false beliefs and fears that keep us stuck.. …..When someone can mirror to you the truth of who you really are it is easy for you to believe and be that!

Q. This sounds great, I'm ready. How do we begin our work together?


A. All you need to do is go to the scheduler link via the button below and schedule a day and time that works for you, make your payment here wwww.paymenow.com and you will receive an email from me with the detailed questionnaire which you can fill out and email back to me as soon as possible.


“As a small business owner for many years, I am always looking for ways to reenergize my staff so I was excited to offer them JoAnne’s Empowering Your Team workshop.  JoAnne has a vibrant, outgoing personality and cannot help smiling. The staff loved her and even those who were normally quiet were eager to contribute.  The exercises were fun, unique and made people feel good about themselves and each other.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Joanne to help your team get to the next level.”
— Steve Black, Dentist