You’re here for a reason...

Do you feel like you’re just living life getting by, day to day, with little to no joy?

Do you have ideas and desires that you haven’t realized?

Do you feel like life just happens to you?

Do you sense something is off in your life or in your relationships?

What if i told you, you are the person that creates your own reality...

I can help you look at your life in a different way so that you feel joy, happiness and passion. I can help you go within to answer your life questions. And during this process you will find your heart and soul healed, not by me; but, but by YOU.

My purpose is to lead you down the path to healing yourself...your mind, body and spirit. 
Let me assist you in becoming the best you that YOU can possibly be!

We will achieve a BREAKTHROUGH to shift your
belief systems and transform your life.

In our work together, we will look at the unconscious blocks and patterns that keep you stuck. I will help help you realize and embrace that you are the creator of your own life.

I have the ability to see you at your highest and best, not the way you see yourself…I see you from the place of your magnificent being, the place where YOU possess the power to create your incredible life.

It’s time to get in touch with
our inner knowing and truth.

Our work together



Intuitive Counseling/Angelic Healing Sessions
(One or Three-hour Sessions)

You will receive an in-depth questionnaire prior to our session together. During our session, we will gain clarity on whatever issue you are dealing with. I will give you messages that come to me about your current situation. I will tap in to your energy around any issue that you’re having and you need to heal. I also include any energy work that needs to be done. Each session includes meditation and homework to deepen your healing process.

You will receive an in-depth questionnaire prior to our sessions together. Three sessions can help you have a true breakthrough on an issue. During our sessions, we will go deeper in to each new level of the issue at hand. Each session builds up on the other
and are recommended in a 4 week period. 
Energy work is included in each session as well as
meditation and homework. 
Counseling sessions can be done by SKYPE or phone..



Select one of the following options

One Question Intuitive
Email or Photo Reading ($75) 

I will give you insight or guidance on a question or the general direction of your current situation. I am  very adept at reading energy through photos so if you have a question about a person you are in a relationship with and would like a better understanding of their energy you can send a photo of them or of yourself. I am able to gain more clarity this way. I need to clearly see the eyes of the person you are inquiring about. If you e-mail me your question, or photo, I will return an e-mail reading to you within 24 hrs.

"Break Your Victim Status" Session ($125)

Have you read all the books and taken all the classes but you still find yourself feeling  lost or stuck? Do you know that you are here for a greater purpose but you cannot seem to figure out what that purpose is? Have you ever gone from psychic to psychic trying to find the answer , and then been disappointed because they didn’t have it? Have you looked everywhere except deep within?   

Well guess what? I have been you and what I know for sure is…Only you have the answer.
Allow me to assist you in going deep within to see what may be blocking your deepest hearts desires. We will look at your beliefs, find the origin and do
any healing in these areas that is necessary for you to
move through this,  shift, move forward and stand
in your TRUE POWER. SO, that you are prepared to
SHINE your LIGHT and be all that you truly desire.
The world needs what you have to offer.

Questions? Head on over to my FAQs page for more info.