I met JoAnne at an Angel Fair event. There was a lot a great energy in the room and I instantly felt comfortable with JoAnne. She has an easy relaxed energy.

I have had several reiki healing session with JoAnne and she helped me to see some things from my past that I was still carrying around. I've done a couple of workshops with JoAnne and I've found that she is easy to connect with and working with her in a group session is very uplifting. I highly recommend JoAnne. She is easy to be around and very down to earth!
~Paula DeFranco

"JoAnne's reading was so insightful and helpful.She told me things that put my mind at ease and both her email reading and phone consultation were dead on accurate. I had 2 sessions with JoAnne, one e-mail reading and one phone consultation…Since then I have been Anxiety free and able to sleep at night..Thank you JoAnne. You are Awesome!!" 
~Michael, Las Vegas, NV

“JoAnne is very giving of herself and is a fabulous teacher.  She enables you to bring out the best in yourself with her kindness, encouragement and knowledge in the subject matter, whether it be an angel reading, workshop, or Reiki class. I personally have learned  and developed into a much happier, calmer, and accepting person with not only myself but with others around me.”
~ R.F, Lakeville MA

“JoAnne, thank you so much for my Reiki treatment and the powerful messages from my Angels, Husband, and Grandfather. You are so awesome and are so awesome at what you do! I am still blown away! It was an extremely healing session for me both physically and emotionally. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!”
~ K.B, Taunton, MA

“The workshop I took with JoAnne was eye-opening, to say the very least. I’ve always joked that I was cursed when it came to money and my relationships with men. Until taking this workshop, I never realized just how powerful my emotions and ‘emotional vibrations’ could be. JoAnne teaches you how to take a day where minor annoyances reign supreme (hitting every red light, missing your train, spilling coffee all over your hand) and to turn it around in a heartbeat so that things can work in your favor. It’s all about mind over matter and getting yourself into the zone. JoAnne teaches with such enthusiasm and positive energy that it’s difficult to not get swept up in it all. She is proof-positive that you can have everything that life has to offer – and more. You just have to want it and learn how to tune your emotions to the right frequency. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who has had at least one speed bump in their lives. It will definitely change how you view EVERYTHING.”
~ A. W., Brockton, MA

“After the birth of my son, I like many other women began to experience the “baby blues”. I remembered how reiki had made me feel so relaxed and peaceful before my son’s arrival that I decided to see JoAnne for her treatments. I could not believe that through this exchange of energy I was able to release so much emotional pain. The messages that JoAnne relayed to me from my angels and deceased family members were amazing. They left me feeling like I was still connected to my loved ones.  After only a few treatments I knew my emotional state had shifted and I was able to fully enjoy motherhood.  Thank you JoAnne for the work you do. I feel so grateful to have benefited from it.
~ K.M., Norton, MA

“I haven’t allowed myself to go within and to think about all that you were able to help me process on Sunday -I feel lighter, relieved – like a burden of emotion has been lifted because I allowed myself to feel it.”
~ L.D., Boston