My name is JoAnne Woods Young. 

I am a Mother (to an adorable, bright and demanding 8-year-old boy) a Wife (to a loving and supportive husband),  a Sister (to my 2 older brothers) and a true FRIEND (I LOVE MY SOUL SISTAHS)! I am and always will be a daughter.  It was my all-time favorite role and I played it well <3.  Although my parents are no longer living, their spirits will always live on in me.  My greatest joy in life is connecting with others.

I have the sacred honor to walk  beside you as you journey toward your own inner truth and knowing.

I will gently hold your heart and help you heal anything that no longer serves you, I will highlight your gifts and show you the truth of who you really are….while I help to EMPOWER and INSPIRE you.

It all began with a note from my first grade teacher. In her perfect script, she sent me home with a note that read, "JoAnne is a very sensitive child who is overly concerned with the welfare of her peers and  the adults around her."

It took me a long time to recognize that my sensitive and intuitive nature was actually a gift I have been blessed with. Since I was very young, I have always felt that I had a certain knowing or feeling about humanity.

Throughout my twenties, I blocked my gifts with extreme busyness and work. In my early thirties, my mother-in-law gave me a gift certificate for a Reiki treatment. I had never even heard of Reiki at that point. I went to the treatment and felt completely at peace with myself for the first time in many years. My Reiki practitioner gave me messages from loved ones who were on the other side. My angels and guides came through and spoke to me in a way I had never fully experienced before. I had no idea this would open the door to a whole new life for me.

Once I began receiving regular Reiki treatments, I was able to open up my own clairsentience once again. I began trusting myself and knew I had a gift that I needed to fine tune.  I took many spiritual classes and workshops to further develop my skills. I got my Masters in Counseling psychology, followed by my doctoral degree. 

Through my own experiences and the changes I have seen in my life, I feel that my true purpose is to help EMPOWER others to live their BEST lives…I have a deep, genuine compassion for others and the innate gift to see you as your TRUE PERFECT SELF...not the self that false beliefs have created. I can see your TRUE PERFECTION and the AMAZING potential you possess!

From all that I have learned, I feel I have many valuable tools in my toolbox which can help assist you as well. I love to INSPIRE others to be all that they are capable of being.…When we can truly go within to understand how our thinking and feeling from past experiences has led us to the beliefs that no longer serve us and that they are what is creating the reality we live in….Then we are empowered to make changes that will bring us whatever it is we are seeking and not finding by turning our attention to the outside. We must go within.

 Everyone is INTUITIVE it is a matter of listening and trusting.

     You have all that you will ever need within...Let me assist you in finding it.

A few fun facts about me:

  • I love jazz music, wine and PUBLIC SPEAKING!
  • My guilty pleasure is the Bachelor/Bachelorette tv shows (hey, a girl's gotta have her one vice, right?)
  • My favorite band of all-time is JOURNEY..."Don’t Stop Believing!"
  • I have my Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, Doctor of C.O.R.E. Counseling

  • I am a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Meditation Teacher and an active member of American Society of Alternative Therapists

  • My favorite place on earth is the beach.